The Free Boiler Grant Scheme You Should Consider

The Free Boiler Grant Scheme under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme is aimed at providing
low-income families with boiler grants in order to reduce their fuel bills. Individuals, especially those on benefits are helped to replace their old inefficient boilers with new condensing ones that are energy efficient. The grants are completely free and even the application process is also free.

What You Need to Know about the Free Boiler Grant Scheme

  • Institutions that provide the service have a network of approved installers who are vetted and accredited to work under the scheme. Typically, there are friendly yet professional customer services that help you with the application process.
  • Upon completing an application form you are referred to an installer within your area who then visits your property to confirm your entitlement.
  • However in order to qualify for the boiler grant you have to meet a certain benefits criteria. Your property must be on a mini gas, LPG supply or oil. Your boiler must be at least five years old with a fault or it must be over 8 years old. However, the funding is not provided to individuals in council owned properties.
  • Typically properties that are old and inefficient are normally considered first for the grant and in case you have an efficient property you will be required to contribute a small amount to the installation cost.
  • Individuals that automatically qualify for the grant include those on pension credit and child tax credits with an income of below 16,010 per year. Other individuals that may qualify for the grant include those on Disability Living Allowance, Employment Support, Pension Premium, Child under 20 (not in higher education), Child under
    16, Income Related Employment & Support Allowance and those over 60 years old among others.

Make an informed decision to apply to the free government boiler scheme and access government funding for a new and energy efficient boiler.…

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