PDQ Specialist Medical Couriers UK And Europe

If you are looking for a specialist courier company that you can trust with the safe transport of valuable and sensitive materials that are crucial to the successful operation of your business, pdq specialist medical couriers has the solution. Our unique range of courier services offer transportation solutions in temperature controlled environments to specialized industries such as pharmaceutical, medical, scientific analysis, and hazardous industries. Our considerable experience across the private and public sectors with a wide range of high profile clients has earned us the reputation as one of the best specialist courier service companies in the industry. We currently deal with several multi-national organisations and key N.H.S. Foundations who trust the quality and reliability of our specialist services.

The nature of our operations, particularly as medical couriers, demands the recognition of the importance of clear and traceable information at all points during the transportation and delivery process. Through our exclusive client portal the exact location and temperature of any consignment can be tracked minute-by-minute providing our clients with peace of mind regarding our reliability and rapid delivery of important items. In addition to the quality management system employed, our highly trained drivers are all ADR and GDP certified and qualified to handle all manner of specialist goods in the spectrum of pharmaceutical, pathology, clinical trials, and nuclear and radioactive medicine. We maintain a strict contingency capacity related to our fleet of vehicles in order to comply with emergencies and delivery options at short notice.

Our wide range of quality services is what sets us apart as reliable specialist courier with a medical courier service that outperforms other courier companies across the UK. Our clients are highly satisfied with the quality of our services, the reliability of our drivers and the assurance that their goods can be tracked and located at any point during transit. All our vehicles are fully equipped with safety features that are designed to protect the sensitive nature of the items we transport. These vehicles are also equipped to transport multiple items in the same transit at different temperatures, highlighting our services as one of the best in the in the market when it comes to temperature-controlled transportation of valuable and delicate items. Deliveries can be designated for delivery to a specified individual to ensure that they are accepted by the consignee only, or delivered directly to a hospital department or clinic. Our delivery services also include bio-hazard spill kits that comply with the Health and Safety Trust guidelines.

Our specialist courier options include a range of different areas of specialization to a variety of different industries in addition to our renowned medical courier services, with the same professional level of expertise. Contact us to find out in more specific terms regarding the solutions we can offer to fulfill your specialist courier needs across the U.K. and Europe. At PDQ Specialist Medical Couriers we understand the unique needs of clients whose day to day operations rely on temperature-controlled transportation with a quality of service that guarantees reliability, punctuality and clear tracking facilities, which are the hallmarks of our temperature-controlled specialist courier services.…

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